Monday, May 11, 2009

They are Growing and Growing

They are 6 weeks old now and 6 have survived. They are gregarious and have a lot of fun. I have placed an edible log in the tub with them and it is amusing to see them all crowd in there. I am sure they do not realize that they are not all hidden. They are also jumping up on the edge of the tub. The time I like the best is when they are all on the bed hopping over and around me.

They are eating hay and pellets and their mom still nurses them once a day. I am planning on keeping the two red eyed whites unless they are both bucks and then will only keep one. I want to keep the best black doe also. I do not need bucks at the moment. Of course, I would love to just keep them all but that is not really wise. Plan on breeding Jett to my other buck, an erimine. Will do that in a month or two. Will post some pics as soon as I can figure out where I put them on the computer.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A new knitting site

I just signed up for a knitting site called Ravelry. It is a nice site with a place to keep all your knitting stuff in order. I look forward to using and participating in it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Did not drop off face of the earth...well, at least am back

I can't believe that so many months have gone by. Some have been wonderful and some....well, you know, life. I have backed off a bit with the rabbits. Had a few losses that were hard to take. And realized that I wanted to concentrate on my french angoras. Did one breeding this year. Plan on a few more. Think if I concentrate on getting my lines established it will be better than doing too much. Will not be attending many shows this year. I love going but think it better if I wait until I have more stock. Bred Jett and Obsidian and had 9 babies. I was surprised at so many. We lost a runt and I think we may lose another runt too. I just will not do supplemental feeding. I figure if they cannot make it then perhaps, it is for the best.

Here are some pics:

The black ones

The tort

The white ones. Except I think one of them is maybe cream

All the babies

The kids seem to be doing well. Rosie is busy with "Words of Fire" and David should graduate this year. Hurray!!!. He will be going to prom next week. Anna is growing up and I don't want her to. But I haven't figured out how to keep her little. Julius is married and living in Illinois. He is maturing.

The ducks are wonderful. They have started laying again. The indian runners built a little next under the rabbit house and it took us awhile to find them. So Eggs R Us is back up and running. The local food coop is buying them from us and I can't wait for the farmer's market to start up again.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And Now it is September

September started out with car troubles. DH is outside replacing the fuel pump of our only vehicle. Friends have been so helpful with rides and even lending a truck for a few days. Thanks to all of them.
School is in full swing andthe kids are happy and I relish a few hours alone every day. Work is going well. I am fortunate to work with a great group of people.
Rabbits are growing and eating. Am getting ready for the State Fair next week. I am entering only one angora and four v-lops. However, I think that only one will meet the ear length qualifications. I am keeping records of weight gain and ear length weekly. I want to try to plot out an average of growth rate. Would be nice to be able to predict if the kits will make the 14 inch requirement at 8 - 12 weeks. And I do know that there are exceptions to every rule. But will keep up the records and see what comes of it. One of my little v-lops died last week. I could not see what went wrong. He was fine in the morning and then a few hours later was dead. I could not see any marks on him. His rear was clean and I saw no diarhea or weird looking poops. The other two are doing very well though.
I sold two french angora mixes last week. They just were not the correct body type and size for my program. The new owners wanted them as pets.
Oh, we had two guinea pigs that we thought were both females. Well, about 2 weeks ago we woke up to 3 baby pigs. I guess we were mistaken about the sex. They are so cute and such a contrast from baby bunnies. These guys had all their fur, teeth, eyes open, and were running around on day one.
I lost a roll of film and have not processed the others, however, when I do, I will post many pictures.
Enjoy the last of summer.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is it really August already?

Just a quick note today. We made it back from Oklahoma in one piece. It was a lovely little wedding at Laverne's Wedding Chapel. I lost my roll of film so am unable to post pictures at this time. April - my new daughter - is lovely too. It was a pleasure meeting and spending time with her. Her family is wonderful too It was all very spontaneous and they were so supportive and up for anything. I wish Julius and April the very best.

It was fun to see the Pow-Wow and my youngest, Anna, wants to dance so her dad is making her moccasins and other things needed. Most Quapaws are tall so she fit right in.

Rosie is off to another semester at UNM. She is working for the theater there as props mistress and she is going to be busy designing sets for some fall productions. I am glad to see her so happy and fullfilled. Cameron - the boyfriend- came with us to Oklahoma and he is a very sweet boy.

David spent a week near Tulsa at a Bible Camp and made some good friends. He has started school again. Cross my fingers will graduate from high school this year.

As for my rabbits, they are doing well. I am pleased with the Velveteen Lops. They are growing and sweet and I will be showing them at the NM State Fair in September. The angoras are doing well also. Thor still likes to get outside his cage so I have been letting the stud bunny loose a few hours a day. Make sure all the female cages are secure first though.

The air condidioner I put in the barn is working wonderfully. Heat here is a problem and this sure beats wetting and draping material and blowing fans on them to keep the rabbits cool.

Well, need to go out and weigh, groom and of course feed and water the bunnies.

Hope all are enjoying your summer.